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Advancing Supernatural Reformational Christianity

The world is entering a new era of the fullness of God in Christ through His body, the church (Eph 4:13-15).

But for that to happen, a reformation must occur. At particular turning points of history a door opens, the Spirit of God is outpoured, the people of God are dislodged from the religious status quo, and a quantum increase of the kingdom comes.

Lifemessenger is the ministry of David Orton and carries a mandate to inspire a new generation in the pursuit of God's fullness and reformational change. This is accomplished through preaching, teaching, writing, electronic media, and by creating environments conducive to the presence of God, ranging from conferences and schools to experimental 'apostolic' networks and alternative expressions of church.

Lifemessenger is committed to being a prophetic voice to the modern Church.


by David Orton
There is a current word proceeding from the heart of God to this generation. Lifemessenger is dedicated to hearing this word and proclaiming it among the nations.

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For more information on David Orton's book "Snakes in the Temple - Unmasking Idolatry in Today's Church" Click here

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